Did you know that the liver is the largest solid organ in your body? Aside from that, it is also responsible for some of the body’s most important function such as filtering blood from toxins, creating bile to digest fats and carbohydrates, balancing blood sugar and synthesizing glutathione among others.

Five Herbs to Maintain Liver Health

Hence, it is safe to say to stress the importance of liver and a poorly functioning organ can lead to a lot of serious medical conditions like acute liver dysfunction or viral inflammations. Sure, liver transplant is available but if you’re among the million Janes and Joes who’s always trying to make ends meet, then there are cheaper ways you can preserve your vital organ.

Say hello to liver-friendly herbs that are known and proven to maintain liver health.

Five herbs that will benefit the liver

  1. Milk thistle. Also known as silymarin, milk thistle is the most recommended herb when it comes to protecting your liver against toxins. Whether in capsule or extracts, this flowering plant from the daisy family has been clinically proven to improve liver function and repair liver damage. 300mg of milk thistle to be taken three times a day is recommended especially when you have liver issues.
  2. Dandelion. Another herb that your liver will love is dandelion. Often combined with milk thistle, this weird-looking weed with small yellow flowers is a good source of major vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium and zinc. Dandelion is also known to stimulate bile production and facilitate the flow between the gall bladder and liver to improve liver function and your overall health.
  3. Artichoke. It doesn’t matter if you take the dried leaves or dried leaves and flower buds combined, artichoke is excellent for DIY tinctures. It also assists in bile production and flow and at the same time, helps prevent gallstones and curb jaundice.
  4. Burdock root. This herb is a favorite blood purifier among Ayurvedic medicine doctors. Just like the other liver-friendly herbs, burdock root stimulates bile flow and helps a weakened liver by purifying the blood and restoring damaged cells. If you are a tea person, burdock root can be bought as rough cut root chunks which you can use during tea time.
  5. Turmeric. This herb is often associated with Persian and Indian food. Did you know it is an excellent herb to keep your liver healthy? In fact, turmeric is the most clinically tested and written about herb in curing any and all inflammation. After all, most liver conditions are inflammatory so turmeric can be of great help.

So, are you ready to be a liver-lover?